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Knowledge: By sharing knowledge with other members and learning from presentations, you learn a lot about WebSphere and related Web technology. You gain an understanding of how others are using the technology and deriving benefit from the technology. You can share your knowledge, pose questions and learn more from the various postings in our membership forum.

Networking: By interacting with other members of the WebSphere user community, you get to know a lot of people and make contacts within the WebSphere user community. This helps you gain a different persepective about the technology and gain valuable insight from others. You can attend our meetings to interact with other users and meet people face to face.

Opportunities: Joining the user group could lead to various opporunities for career and community involvement. You can get various awards for participating in our user group. You can also work on any one of our committiees to actively participate in the user group. You can learn WebSphere or related Web technology by participating in our community projects.

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